Foundation for Family Healing

Finally, a Guaranteed way of reducing severe behaviors in foster, adopted & birth children.

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Foundation for Family Healing

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Foundation for Family Healing


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Understanding Severe & Disruptive Behaviors in Home, School, or Community

Early Life Trauma - conception through age 5

Find out why fear based parenting is ineffective & not working for you

Seven steps to improving relationship with your child - what every adoptive parent needs to know

What your triggers are saying about you.

Helping Children Heal

What you can do to provide healing in your home and family

Take the Test: "Is your agency successful in bringing healing to children in foster care?"

Effective reform strategies to reduce disruptions in foster placements to improve permanency& stop recidivism in your county

The Most Effective
Foster Parent Training Available Today

Understand how trauma impacts the brain & body of a child leading to severe behaviors

Before you place a child in another residential facility, read this...

Finally, a training that teaches you how to effectively reunite, retain & support foster parents

"Every teacher needs this training to effectively teach today's kids!"

What every teacher needs to know about disruptive behaviors in the classroom

Turn your school into a state recognized success program for even the most challenging children

Training Educators on how to meet the needs of children in the classroom who have trauma in their history

10 Steps to Improve Disruptive Behaviors in the Classroom

Reduce truancy in your school

Healing House
what's it all about?

Discover what every local church can do for their community

One & Two Day Inner Healing Workshops

What every marriage can do to heal pain from the past

3 Steps to Improving Communication with your Spouse

Helping individuals heal from past pain & current rejection cycles in adulthood

One & Two Day Workshops
- Divorce Recovery
- Grief & Loss
- Family Breakdown & Repair

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